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Winterize Your Car in Glendale Heights

Chicago drivers are all too familiar with the extreme temperatures, snow, and ice that winter can bring to our roads and highways between November and March. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in the cold on a snowy winter night, which is why it’s so important to winterize your car and prep for winter driving. Not only will winterizing your car help keep you safe when you’re on the road in inclement conditions, but it can also help save your car from the potential damage that can be caused by salted slushy roads. Here, the service team at Sunrise Chevrolet shares our best tips for how to winterize your car.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

There are several steps to take when it comes time to prep for winter driving in Carol Stream:

Have Your Car’s Vital Systems Serviced to Prep for Winter Driving

Schedule an appointment at our Glendale Heights service center to have your car’s mechanical systems brought up to scratch to handle harsh winter conditions:

  • Battery – Your car requires more power to start in frigid temperatures. If you’re nearing the point where a battery replacement is needed, ask about having a car battery that is at or above 600 CCA, which is typically the best option for winter driving.
  • Cooling System – Most vehicles need to maintain an antifreeze to water ratio between 50/50 and 70/30 to prevent corrosion and freezing. Consult your owner’s manual or ask our technicians which antifreeze should be used for your make and model.
  • Brakes – Your brakes should go unharmed by winter weather, but it’s still a good idea to have them inspected for optimal performance before heading out on slick roads.

Install Winter Tires

If you’re already driving on all-weather tires year-round, they may be sufficient enough for winter driving if they still have optimal tread. However, Addison roads can present a number of challenges in the winter, including black ice and loose, slushy snow. As such, it may be in your best interest to invest in a set of winter snow tires to keep you safe. The helpful service techs at Sunrise Chevrolet can help you choose the right set for your needs.

Upgrade to Winter Windshield Wipers

A new pair of winter wipers can be easily installed at home in Bloomingdale. Why make the investment? Winter wipers are made with a special rubber that prevents ice from building up on the blade, ensuring optimal visibility.

Check Your Rear Window Defroster

You probably don’t use your rear window defroster during warmer months, so when winter rolls around it’s a good idea to check its functionality and have it serviced if need be.

Keep Your Engine Oil in Check

Prep for winter driving by having your oil car’s oil changed if it’s overdue. Be sure to use the proper grade of oil –– when the temperatures go below freezing, a thinner oil will prevent it from becoming too viscous.

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

  • Prepare a Winter Car Emergency Kit – Keep this stowed away in your vehicle at all times in case of an emergency that leaves you and your vehicle stranded without power. Your kit should include jumper cables, a flashlight, a pack of matches, a first aid kit, non-perishable food and water, an ice scraper, warm clothing, a blanket, extra antifreeze, a general car tool kit, flares, snow boots, and a radio.
  • Check the Weather Report Before You Leave – Prior to hitting the road in the winter, check the weather report. It’s always best to be aware ahead of time if a temperature swing or snowfall is expected during your travels.
  • Top Off Washer Fluid – You may not realize it, but you use up a lot more windshield washer fluid during the winter to remove slush and salt buildup. Keep some extra washer fluid on hand, and be sure to top off the reservoir with antifreeze-specific washer fluid on a regular basis. You can often find this type at gas stations in the winter; if not, most auto parts stores carry it.
  • Maintain Tire Pressure – Changing temperatures in the winter can cause fluctuations in tire pressure. Check your tire pressure often, and fill up when necessary.
  • Maintain at Least Half a Tank of Gas – Try to always ensure you have at least a half-tank of fuel during the winter. A fuller tank helps prevent the gas line from freezing up and causing expensive damage.

Get More Tips to Winterize Your Car from Sunrise Chevrolet!

Have lingering questions about how to prepare your car for winter? The service team at Sunrise Chevrolet is happy to assist. Contact us online or call us directly at 6309844084 today to learn more! While you’re at it, be sure to also take a moment to peruse our online service information center, where you’ll find more helpful tips on topics like changing your air filter and how to effectively get dog hair out of your car.

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