Chevrolet Spark

The Electric Legacy of the Chevy Spark

Chevy has a long history of innovation in vehicle design. Bloomingdale residents have long been huge fans of their vehicles including the legendary Chevy Spark. This hybrid car has been around for nearly fifteen years and has gone through three great generations. Sunrise Chevy in Glendale Heights is proud to offer the latest iterations of the Spark, and we’re interested to see how it has changed throughout the years, with all the updates that have kept it on the cutting edge of the hybrid revolution.

First Generation

The first Spark debuted in South Korea and European markets in 1998. It was originally called the Daewoo Matiz in Korea and the M100 in Europe. The design is based on the Locciola, and it came with a 0.8L gasoline engine and a five speed manual transmission. It was designed with an electric motor that would help assist the Spark gain higher mpg rates. Minor face-lifts occurred throughout the lifespan of the first generation which lasted until 2004.

Second Generation

In 2005, Chevy launched the second generation of the Spark, which lasted until 2009. It featured very similar specifications including a similar sized engine and a five-door hatchback design. However, the exterior was greatly redesigned, and the upper body was streamlined to decrease the drag coefficient for better fuel economy. It also came with a center-mounted instrument cluster that made it much easier to control. As of 2008, the Spark had sold 2.3 million units.

Third Generation

The third generation which is still currently being produced, remains in the five door hatchback body style but has a 995 CC S-Tec II l4 engine, a much smaller engine than previous models. Indian models actually use diesel instead of gasoline. It comes with a five-speed manual or four speed automatic transmission. Minor changes have been made to the body of the car but no serious updates have occurred as the original Spark design has proved highly resilient.

The Chevrolet Beat

Bloomingdale residents may not have heard of the “Chevrolet Beat” which was a concept car based on the same design ideas as the Spark. It was unveiled in 2007 at the New York International Auto Show. It had a 1.2L turbocharged engine with an automatic transmission, a green exterior paint job, and a long tapered body. The Beat was unveiled as a potential production car in the 2009 North American International Auto Show where it was unleashed in India in 2010. It’s a more powerful, yet still fuel-efficient car that carries on the proud legacy of the Spark.