Chevrolet Silverado

The Distinguished and Legendary Chevy Silverado

Bloomingdale residents know all about the power and strength of the Chevy Silverado — its heavy-duty design has served its hard working drivers for years, while still having the visual appeal to show off around town. The Silverado has a long history and an interesting future, and here at Sunrise Chevrolet in Glendale Heights, we are proud to offer it.

The Debut and First Generation

The Silverado was first a designation for a trim level of the Chevy C/K pickup truck and Suburbans since 1975. It wasn’t actually a unique vehicle on it’s own until 1999! However, what is interesting about the Silverado is that it still hasn’t really changed much in its history — they got it right the first time. The debut in 1999 of a stand-alone Siliverado saw only a slight redesign of the grille, the interior trim, and various other features added on. It came with a Vortec 4300 V6 engine as well as options for Vortec 4800, 5300 and 6000 V8 engines and four speed and five speed transmissions.

Use in the Military

Chevy began producing an altered version of the Silverado in 2003 called the MILCOTS which standards for “Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf” Silverado. It has often been called the “Milverado” by the men in the armed forces, and is heavily used by the American and Canadian Army. This version of the Silverado is heavily armored with a tougher engine and a more combat ready chassis. GM had to outbid Chrysler, Ford, and Hummer to make this vehicle possible.

Upcoming Changes

The Silverado’s third generation is expected to hit the market around 2013. They are being tested at GM’s proving grounds in Yuma to make sure that they run as smoothly as past Silverados. Not a lot is known about the upcoming generation but it’s possible we might see all new Gen-V small block V8 engines with direction injection. An all-new interior design may be in the cards too, only time will tell. Whatever the changes coming to the Silverado, it will undoubtedly still be “like a rock” when it comes to toughness and reliability.

Try Out a Silverado Today

If the Silverado seems like the truck for you, visit Sunrise Chevrolet and take one for a test-drive. We have the finest Chevy vehicles in the Glendale Heights area, offering both new and used vehicles that simply can’t be beat. We welcome all Bloomingdale families into our Glendale Heights dealership to see first-hand all that we have to offer.