Sunrise Chevrolet is Elmhurst’s Premier Service Center

If you’re looking for a quality Chevy service station near Elmhurst, IL, Sunrise Chevrolet is the dealership for you. Located just a quick 20-minutes away in Glendale Heights, Sunrise Chevrolet has the experience and know-how to fix your vehicle right the first time. Our GM-certified service technicians are qualified to fix virtually any problem you might have with your Chevy vehicle, though we’re also capable of handling your vehicle repairs, no matter what make or model you might drive. So from oil changes to advanced engine rebuilds, look to your local Chevy dealer at Sunrise Chevrolet!

Avoid Common Maintenance Pitfalls with Sunrise Chevrolet’s Service Department

The auto experts here at Sunrise Chevrolet see a lot of the same maintenance mistakes over and over, and believe us when we say that improper vehicle maintenance — or neglecting it altogether – can cost you in the long run. Help keep your vehicle running better, longer with these simple tips to prevent unnecessary maintenance:

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

Believe it or not, there’s a limit to how much your vehicle can handle. When going on your next road trip, make sure you take only what you need and that you double check your vehicle’s hauling capacity; if you load too much you can end up overtaxing the coolant system, and cause your engine to overheat — and soon find yourself on the side of the road, and in one of our maintenance bays.

Get the Proper Tire Pressure

It costs approximately $0.75 at your local gas station to get your tires properly inflated — which will not only help prevent a blown tire, an expensive replacement, but can save you an tremendous amount of money in gas, as correct tire pressure can dramatically increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Get New Wiperblades

These are a simple, inexpensive replacement that can save you tons of hassle in inclement weather. Not only can an old blade be ineffective and end up putting unnecessary stress on your wiper blade motor, but they’re dangerous when the roads get rough — an invitation for major accident repairs.

If you’re interested in learning more tips on how to better care for your vehicle, or if you need a quick tune up, Elmhurst-are drivers can contact Sunrise Chevrolet to set up a fast and easy service appointment, today!