Filling up oil tank

Need an Oil Change in Naperville? Stop By Sunrise Chevrolet

When it comes time to change your oil, the best idea is usually to stop by your local dealership. For Naperville drivers, that means Sunrise Chevrolet, where we staff a team of professionals who know precisely what your car needs to stay on the road, especially if it’s one of our very own new or pre-owned cars, trucks, or SUVs.

Making the dealership your number one stop for service takes the stress out of finding the right people to take care of your car. For an oil change, the dealership knows exactly what to do for your specific vehicle. We use the right pieces and materials, and know the details. We use manufacturer-recommended fluids and filters, and should you need a new part, we trust the same OEM parts that the manufacturer does.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Making the effort to keep the oil in your car fresh and changing it regularly is quite possibly the simplest and most effective task you can do to keep your car on the road. A timely oil change can keep your car healthy, prevent breakdowns, and have far-reaching benefits:

  • Increase your engine’s performance by making all the parts do their jobs smoothly, quietly, and effectively
  • Prevent the buildup of metal shavings, debris, and dirt from building up in the engine and causing damage
  • Stretch out your gas mileage through improved lubrication
  • Decrease the toxicity of the emissions by avoiding burning old, dirty oil
  • Lengthen the life of your engine by making sure each component moves smoothly

Schedule Your Oil Change Appointment Today

We at Sunrise Chevrolet not only have the chops to change your oil right, but we make it extremely easy to do so. If it’s time for your car to get some new oil, just fill out our online appointment scheduling form. It lets us know the vehicle, the type of service you need, and what time works best for you during our open hours. We’re conveniently located in Glendale Heights near Naperville, so stop by today or give the service department a call at 630-942-8300.