Filling up oil tank

What Type of Motor Oil is Best for my Car?

When it comes to getting an oil change in Lombard, you may think it doesn’t matter where you go as long as it’s quick and cheap. While it’s true you can get your oil changed at a variety of quick lube centers, the service experts at Sunrise Chevrolet in Glendale Heights are specially trained to know exactly which products meet the high factory standards for superior vehicle performance. Going somewhere else in Lombard other than a certified GM service center, like Sunrise, could be more detrimental to your vehicle’s performance than you may think.

At Sunrise Chevrolet, we use factory recommended oil that meets the individual specifications for your vehicle’s optimum engine performance. We offer manufacturer approved synthetic and regular motor oils that will keep your engine’s moving parts clear of gunk and buildup that can lead to damage and costly repairs.

Save Money With Superior Products

The service experts at Sunrise Chevrolet can advise you on which manufacturer recommended oil is the best for your vehicle, as well as the difference between synthetic and regular motor oil and how it affects your vehicle performance. Synthetic motor oil is more expensive than regular motor oil, but lasts longer, and can withstand higher temperatures caused by friction of the moving parts in your vehicle’s engine. Not all quick lube garages even offer the option of synthetic oils, but we at Sunrise can. Lombard customers will find nothing but superior motor oil options recommended by GM, as well as the certified service delivered by the trained service professionals at our Glendale Heights dealership.

Schedule Your GM Service Appointment Today

Making an appointment for an oil change is easy for our Lombard customers. Simply schedule it online, and a member of our service team will call you to confirm a convenient time, or call us directly at 630-942-8300. Your Chevy vehicle’s performance depends on the manufacturer recommended service schedule and recommended motor oil specifications to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s performance. Visit Sunrise Chevrolet today located at 414 E. North Ave. in Glendale Heights, just 10 minutes from Lombard when you take Rt. 53 to North Avenue.