Fresh engine oil

Sunrise Chevrolet Provides Oil Change Services Near Bloomingdale

If you’re looking for a reliable place to get an oil change near Bloomingdale, Sunrise Chevrolet is the place to go. Located in Glendale Heights, Illinois, Sunrise Chevrolet uses mfg recommended fluids and oil filters to make sure your car gets the right type and amount of oil it needs to properly function. Let us take care of your next oil change at our Chevy service center .

Why You Need to Change Your Oil

Your car’s engine is made up of many different moving metal parts. As they move quickly, friction builds and they start to heat up. Motor oil allows these parts to move fluidly without meeting resistance. It lubricates the areas where different parts meet and helps to take on that heat and disperse it elsewhere. Without motor oil, eventually the parts in your engine would get so hot they would melt and fuse together, effectively destroying your powertrain.

When Do I Need to Change the Oil?

While most people still say to change the oil every 3000 miles, this isn’t really true anymore. Cars in the past didn’t work as efficiently as they do now, and manufacturers like Chevy typically recommend somewhere between 5000 to 7000 miles or once a year, if you don’t drive very much. Really it all depends on the specific car and some vehicles can go 10,000 miles or more without needing an oil change. Consulting your owner’s manual will tell you the proper amount of mileage before needing a change.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Sunrise Chevrolet

When you’re ready for your next oil change, schedule a service appointment with us. This way you can beat the lines and get service when you want it. You can make an appointment anytime through our website or by calling the service department at (630) 942-8300.

Come to Sunrise Chevrolet Near Bloomingdale

Our dealership is only about 10 minutes south of Bloomingdale, which makes it a great place to come for your regular oil change. To get to us, take Glen Ellyn Road south and make a right on North Avenue. We’ll be on the right at 414 East North Avenue, which is in Glendale Heights. It’ll be just past the Brunswick Zone and Glendale Plaza Shopping Center. We hope to see you soon, and please contact Sunrise Chevrolet if you have questions.