Couple looking over financing papers

Sunrise Chevrolet Offers Easy Auto Financing for Carol Stream Drivers

Besides being a reputable seller of new and used Chevy vehicles, Sunrise Chevrolet is also a place to offer financing assistance for Carol Stream. Auto financing near Carol Stream is quite easy at our dealership, and you may even find it to be more convenient than doing it through your bank. Whether you’re planning on buying a new or used car, we can help find the installment loan right for your needs.

How Car Financing Works

Auto financing is a way to drive off in a new car without having to pay for it all at once. It’s a type of installment loan just like a home loan or a student loan. The length of the loan can vary in length. Shorter loans will have higher monthly payments, with longer loans requiring more paid in interest. Interest rates are usually based on the individual’s credit score. The better your score, the more trustworthy you’ll appear and the lower the rate you can get.

Advantages of Applying at Sunrise Chevrolet

Sunrise Chevrolet offers convenience beyond that of other lending institutions. We’re faster than banks, and you can apply for financing at night and on weekends. Additionally, we can help people with less than perfect credit get a loan because we have a bigger lending network than local banks. Our dealership also has many sales throughout the year where we offer APR rates as low as 0.0% for qualified buyers.

How to Apply for Financing

Applying for financing is quite easy at Sunrise Chevrolet. Either you can work it out at our dealership during the car selection process or you can also apply ahead of time on our website using our online application. On our website we also have other tools to help you like a credit score estimator.

Come to Sunrise Chevrolet for Your Financing Needs

If you’re looking to finance your next car, come to Sunrise Chevrolet and see what we can offer you. We’re only about 10 minutes from Carol Stream. Take Kuhn Road south and make a left when you reach North Avenue. Sunrise Chevrolet is at 433 East North Avenue, right by the Glendale Plaza Shopping Center and the Brunswick Zone.