Visit the Bowtie Boutique at Sunrise Chevrolet for a Fun Chevy Gift

The Bowtie Boutique - T-Shirts

If you are a Chevrolet fan or a hardcore automotive enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to browse the unique Bowtie Boutique pro shop at Sunrise Chevrolet. In addition to our dealership’s selection of new Chevy cars, at our Chevy shop you can find gear, merchandise, and memorabilia commemorating one of the most accomplished brands in automotive history. Not only does the Bowtie Boutique make shopping easy and exciting, it features items you will not find anywhere else.

Chevrolet Products

Show off your Chevrolet pride with a t-shirt, ball cap, watch, or jacket sporting the logo of your favorite automaker. There are options for both men and women in a wide range of sizes and styles. We also have signs and other decorative items that you can put around your home, garage, or office. If you love the fascinating history of Chevrolet, browse through a number of coffee table and guide books exploring the models of the past, present, and future.
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Chevrolet Collectors Items

The Bowtie Boutique is the best place to find unique Chevrolet items made in limited production. These collector’s pieces honor classic models, bygone styles, and well-loved moments from Chevrolet history. Our team is always on the lookout for unique and impressive items, making our dealership the one-stop-shop for vintage Chevrolet memorabilia.
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Chevrolet Car Care Products

If you have a classic Chevrolet that you have lovingly restored or a brand-new model that you want to keep in perfect condition, the Bowtie Boutique has you covered. You can find all the products and equipment you need to restore the gloss of the paint job, the luster of the upholstery, and the shine of the wheels. We only carry products that are safe to use on your Chevrolet and great at taking years off the appearance of your car.
The Bowtie Boutique Car Care Items

Find the Perfect Gift for a Chevy Fan or Yourself at Sunrise Chevy

Whether you’re a Chevy fanatic yourself or need a gift for that special car fan in your life, be sure to visit our unique retail outlet. Stop by Monday through Saturday to discover all that we have to offer.