What Your Car Color Says About You

By Sunrise Chevrolet | June 12th, 2018

After all of the research that goes into finding the right make and model, the color of your new vehicle may seem like an afterthought. You may be surprised to learn that there have been studies that prove that the color you choose may reveal details about your personality. Whether an elegant black sedan or a bright red sports car is more your style, learn what your car color says about you.


Black vehicles are timeless and elegant, but they still have a commanding presence on the streets. This powerful color is a go-to for strong-willed drivers who are not easily manipulated. Black is also a classic choice, which makes it great for resale value because it never goes out of style.


Drivers who are detail-oriented often flock to white vehicles for their pristine appearance and sleek silhouette. Since a white exterior is hard to keep clean, these drivers like the challenge of maintaining a immaculate vehicle, and they are typically this diligent in other aspects of their lives.


Neutral gray vehicles provide a nice balance between bold black and crisp white paint. Drivers who opt for a gray vehicle tend to be pragmatic and practical.


Drivers who want to command attention on the road tend to choose red vehicles because they make a bold statement. The shade of red chosen can mean very different things. A deep maroon luxury car exudes sensuality, but the vibe from a cherry-red sports car is more fun and edgy. Red vehicles definitely stand out in a crowd, and so do fans of this hot hue.


In contrast to fiery red, blue tends to be a more peaceful and calming color. Drivers who choose blue cars are typically more serene and don’t get stressed out easily – even when stuck in traffic.

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