Do You Have a New Year’s Car Resolution?

By Sunrise Chevrolet | December 21st, 2016

Many people enter the new year with the idea of going on a diet, committing to a walk every day, or staying in better touch with friends and family. Those are all great goals, but we thought it would be fun to put together a list of New Year’s car resolutions as well. Keep your car working great, get your car back into shape, and have more fun behind the wheel with the help of this New Year’s car resolution guide from Sunrise Chevrolet.

Give Your Car a Makeover

You know it. We all know it. After years of owning a car, the wear begins to show. A ding here, a couple scratches there, a curb swipe, and before you know it you’re looking at the need for a major makeover. Tackle your car makeover head on by visiting the auto body repair shop and checking out some DIY tutorials.
Giving your car makeup by fixing any dents

Take Care of Standard Maintenance on Time

One of the easiest ways to make sure your car maintains its value and works like new for longer is to get regular maintenance on time. Look at your owner’s manual or chat with someone at your local service center about when to bring your car in for oil changes, fluid replacements, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and more.
Checking your vehicle's oil

Promise Yourself Not to Ignore the “Check Engine” Light

A sure fire way to get into automotive trouble is letting your “check engine” light go unattended. The light goes off for a reason, and it could be a serious one. Mitigate expensive repairs and stay safe by bringing your vehicle in for service as soon as the “check” engine light comes on.
Check for routine services like an oil change

Buy and Restore a Classic Car

If you already have an old classic collecting dust in the garage, make 2017 the year that you surprise your friends and family by turning it into the object of everyone’s desire. If you’ve always thought about buying one but never bit the bullet, buy a classic on the cheap and restore it to its former glory!
An old, classic Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Take a Road Trip

If you own a vehicle like the Chevy Corvette but only use it to get to and from work, that’s like keeping an untamed animal in a cage. Buy a sports car or take your current sports car out for a big adventure in 2017 to remember why you loved cars in the first place.
Hitting the road in a Chevy vehicle

Find Your Next Car in 2017 at Sunrise Chevrolet

The folks at Sunrise Chevy are passionate about cars, passionate about Chevys, and ready to help you establish and achieve all of your automotive goals for the new year. Our dealership is located in the Chicago area at 414 E. North Ave in Glendale Heights, IL. Our showroom and lot are open Monday through Saturday, and you’re always free to get in touch with us if we can be of any assistance to you.



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