How to Remove Stickers from a Car

By Sunrise Chevrolet | August 15th, 2018

Many drivers choose to decorate their car with decals, stickers, and other colorful accessories. But if those fun decorations feel a little out-of-date, you might find yourself wondering how to remove stickers from a car. While the process takes a little elbow grease, the right tools and technique can make sticker removal easier than you might imagine. Take a look at our guide to learn how to remove stickers from car paint or glass surfaces!

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What Tools Do I Need?

Before you get to work, it’s important to get everything that you need in one place. You’ll need to move quickly once you start, so assemble the following items within arm’s reach:

  • Hair dryer
  • Two clean cloths
  • Tree sap remover
  • Sturdy plastic card and detailing spray (for exterior paint)
  • Razor blade and glass cleaning spray (for glass surfaces)

What Do I Do?

Now that you have all the supplies that you need, let’s go into proper technique. This method will teach you not only how to remove a sticker from a car, but also how to remove sticker residue from a car.

  • Start with a clean base. Either clean off the sticker and surrounding area with your cleaner and cloth, or run your vehicle through the car wash.
  • Get your hair dryer and put it on the “Hot” setting. Hold the nozzle a few inches above the sticker and begin to heat up the surface to loosen the glue. Move from the center outward.
  • Test the edges of the sticker by sliding your card or even a fingertip under the corner. Use your razor blade for glass surfaces.
  • If the sticker starts moving, keep applying pressure and peel off the remainder of the sticker. Don’t worry if it doesn’t lift off in one piece. Still struggling? Break out the hair dryer to melt the stubborn glue.
  • Once the sticker is gone, keep scraping the excess adhesive off the car with your card or blade. Finish with a few sprays of tree sap remover and wipe dry.
  • As a final touch, use your detailing spray or glass cleaner for a spotless shine.

Stock Up at Sunrise Chevy

Whether you need car wash supplies or a full detailing package, feel free to contact Sunrise Chevy for all your automotive needs. We’re happy to answer any questions about how to remove stickers from a car or lend a helping hand. Find us in Glendale Heights, near Carol Stream and Bloomingdale.



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