How to Jumpstart a Car

By Sunrise Chevrolet | September 21st, 2018


If your car won’t start, it’s likely the case of a bad battery. But before you break out the jumper cables, do you know to jumpstart a car the right way? We’ve got the step-by-step process to help you get your car up and running, so you can head to the service department for a long-term fix!

What You Will Need

Learning how to jump a car is simple, but the process takes a little time. If you find yourself with a dead battery, the first step is to find a kind driver who can help you. You’ll need someone with a voltage that is at least equal to your car’s voltage to properly charge your battery. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle they are driving. Additionally, you’ll need a pair of jumper cables to connect the two batteries. These cables will have a set of colored clips on either end.

The Basics of Jumpstarting a Car

Follow these steps to bring the life back to your vehicle:

  1. Turn off both vehicles, place them in park or neutral, and put on your parking brakes.
  2. Put the red clip on the larger positive terminal of your battery and the other red clip on the positive terminal of the other car.
  3. Put the black clip on the smaller negative terminal of the other battery. Leave the other black clip on an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle, not touching the battery. Many people use the metal struts by the hood.
  4. The other driver will start the car and let it run for several minutes while the process takes place.
  5. Start your car  – and don’t forget to thank your good samaritan for the help!

What to Do After Jumping Your Car

If your vehicle started running after jumpstarting your car, be sure to drive around for at least 15 minutes to recharge the battery. What if your vehicle is dead the next morning? Schedule your service for a battery replacement and inspection.

Learn More about Car Care

Now that you know how to jump a car, why not brush up on more car care? Learn all about winter car care in Carol Stream and Bloomingdale with Sunrise Chevy of Glendale Heights!



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