How to Choose the Right Child Safety Seat

By Sunrise Chevrolet | April 2nd, 2018

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Finding the right child safety seat is easier said than done. Child safety seats can vary in a lot of different ways, and the key is to find the right one for your child’s age and size.

Getting Started

Before you start researching online, consult your owner’s manual to see what the guidelines are for your vehicle – where to install and how to do it. You can attach car seats using seat belts or the built-in LATCH system, which all new vehicles have. Position the safety seat in the middle of the rear seats, if possible. Depending on the size of your vehicle, choose a seat with a narrow or wide base.

Check Your Stats

Age, height, and weight dictate what kind of seat your child needs. The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Newborns and Infants – The American Academy of Pediatrics requires a rear-facing seat for infants, and they should not move out until the head is within one inch of the top of the seat.
  • Two Year Olds and Older – At two years old, the seat can be turned around to face forward. They should stay in this seat until the top of the ears are above the top of the seat or the shoulder level is above the top harness slot.
  • Over 40 Pounds – Kids can move into booster seats once they weigh 40 pounds, When they’re around eight years’ old, they can move into the back seat if the both the lap and shoulder belts fit properly.

Other Considerations

Choose a seat that comes with clear installation instructions, because you don’t want to wing it, and one that has two-piece retainer clips because they’re more difficult for children to unfasten themselves. You’ll also want a seat that’s easy to clean, because kids can get really messy in the car.

Find the Safest Vehicle for Your Family

Whether your car is new or used, safety is is at the top of the list for most families. At Sunrise Chevy, we can help you find the right vehicle that will keep your family well-protected. Stop by our dealership today to check out our inventory of large and small safe cars, and take a test drive!




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