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By Sunrise Chevrolet | November 27th, 2017

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If you’ve visited Glendale Heights recently, you’d never know that this exciting town was once just a stretch of open prairie. This Illinois suburb has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1800s! But over centuries of hard work, the proud residents of Glendale Heights have transformed a once-rural town into a bustling city that’s full of opportunity. Explore the roots of Glendale Heights below, and find out how it grew into a thriving community!

Quiet Beginnings

In 1845, a pioneer named Hiram Blanchard Patrick bought over 700 acres of land from the U.S. government. This sprawling land was largely untouched by the world, featuring gorgeous prairies and crystal-clear ponds accented with colorful wildflowers. Over the years, Patrick continued to build up his homestead at a mere $1.25 per acre – eventually owning 1,000 acres. This land was passed down from Patrick to two of his sons, who became active members of the local community. They even helped organize the popular county fair for nearly four decades. More and more travelers found themselves drawn to the warm community, abundant resources, and wonderful environment of the Glendale Heights area.

Rapid Expansion

It didn’t take long for the quiet town to become a lively village. The farming community became diversified with many different crops, a variety of livestock, and even a cheese factory that churned out 280 pounds of product per day! As the railroads grew, a direct path to Chicago was established and trade flowed freely. This created a surge in the dairy industry. New roads followed, and the prosperity of local industry lead to landscaping upgrades throughout town. This small  town had become a story of success.

Modern Times

The year 1960 marked the first time that Glendale Heights adopted its current name. While it was originally known as simply Glendale, a name change was quickly enacted to separate the city from the Southern Illinois city of the same name. At this point, Glendale Heights was still small with under 200 residents. The city introduced new industries to spur commercial growth, and new residents followed. In just two years, population was recorded at 2,000. In ten year’s time, the population rose to 11,000 people. Now Glendale Heights is home to numerous schools, hospitals, businesses, and more. From the Glendale Heights Sports Hub to the Glendale Heights Public Library to Sunrise Chevy auto dealership, this town has made its own unique mark on Illinois. There are so many fun things to do in Glendale Heights, so why not stop by and see the town in action? Contact us at Sunrise Chevy to learn more about Glendale Heights!



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