Gasoline vs. Diesel: What Should I Buy?

By Sunrise Chevrolet | March 24th, 2016

Gone are the days of having the simple choice of how much power you want from your engine. Over the past several years, several different powertrain options have become available, which is great for consumers but can sometimes be a bit confusing if you don’t have a solid understanding of what each has to offer. Traditional gasoline engines still serve their purpose for many individuals and families, but a Chevrolet diesel car could be a great option, as well. Figure out which would better serve you and your needs.

Gasoline Engine Pros

Everyone is familiar with gasoline engines, because most of us have been driving them from the very start. Recently, gas prices have been going down while diesel prices have come more or less in line with gasoline.

Although diesel powertrains used to be a way to save money at the tank, more often you’ll pay around the same with a traditional gasoline engine. Also, you won’t need to have to worry about as many engine tune-ups on a gasoline engine to ensure proper functioning of the fuel injection system. Finally, a gasoline engine is more likely to give you a swift response off the line.

Diesel Engine Pros

There’s significant reason that we’ve seen increased popularity in diesel engines in recent years. For starters, diesel engines deliver a different kind of power than gasoline engines. They might generally be able to accelerate quite as swiftly, but they offer strong, durable performance, which is why they’re great for heavy-duty pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado.

When joined to a turbocharging system like in the new Chevrolet Cruze, a diesel engine can help deliver strong performance while also getting outstanding fuel economy, oftentimes 25 or 30 percent better than a traditional gas engine. Finally, there are no spark plugs or distributors on a diesel engine, so you’ll never have to worry about a tune-up on the ignition system.

Test Drive a New Diesel or Gasoline Car at Sunrise Chevrolet

After learning about what a diesel engine could do for you, it might be time to have a closer look. If you think you might be interested, check out the new Chevrolet diesel, and gasoline-powered, vehicles on sale now at Sunrise Chevrolet. We’re located at 414 E. North Ave in Glendale Heights, IL, only a short drive from Bloomingdale. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions!