Car Games for Kids

By Sunrise Chevrolet | June 16th, 2018


Before you head out on that next family road trip, it’s important to be prepared with some great entertainment for fun on the go. However, no one wants to clutter up the backseat with stacks of toys and books, so what do you do? Check out our favorite car games for kids that require zero equipment. These tried-and-true family favorites have delighted generations of families, so why not try out a few during your next Illinois day trip?

The Animal Name Game

Got any nature lovers onboard? Then they’ll love the animal name game! You can play this game competitively between players or work together as a team. The first player names an animal, like “Bird.” Then, the next player names an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous animal. That means you could go from “Bird” to “Dog” or “Bird” to “Deer.” You could also play the game with different subjects, like snack names or cities in the United States.

Twenty Questions

If you’ve never played twenty questions, then try it out on your next family road trip. One person thinks of an object, and then everyone else takes turns asking questions to discover what it is. Questions must be limited to yes or no answers. If no one figures out the object after twenty questions have been asked, then the original player wins. If someone guesses the object correctly, then they are the new leader of the next round.

Telephone Game

If you have a lot of passengers onboard, then the telephone game can be a fun experiment in communication. One person thinks of a phrase and whispers it to the next passenger. That passenger whispers it to the next passenger, and so on. Even if you didn’t hear the phrase clearly, you must do your best to repeat it word-for-word. No repeating! By the time you get to the end of the line, the final passenger must say the phrase out loud. The result is usually completely different than the original message.

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