Car Buying Tips for a Smooth Process

By Sunrise Chevrolet | July 11th, 2018

No one wants to feel stressed out when they’re buying a car. Follow these car buying tips to help ensure a smooth, painless process.

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Car Shopping

Take your time car shopping. This is one of the biggest, most expensive purchases you’ll make, so take the time to do it right.

  • Budget. Before you even leave the house, compute how much you can afford, including insurance.
  • Evaluate your choices. New or used? Certified pre-owned? Buy or lease? Run some numbers ahead of time to figure out what direction looks best for your situation.
  • Pick a few cars. If you know what you like or want, look online at manufacturer websites, dealer sites, and local inventory to get an idea about pricing.

Financing a Car

Get approved for financing ahead of time to give you a baseline for comparison. Educate yourself on interest rates, financing deals, and invoice prices to help you negotiate.

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