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The 2013 Equinox vs. The 2013 Honda CRV

2013 Chevy EquinoxThe 2013 Equinox is one of the finest cars available in Downers Grove, and now available from Sunrise Chevrolet for $25,505, featuring a wide range of options and extras that make it near the top of its class. However, the 2013 Honda CRV is a competitive model that is available for a relatively cheaper $22,695. Which of these vehicles is the best investment?

Engine Specifications

The engine specifications of the Equinox and the CRV are very competitive with each other. Both have a 2.4L engine while the Equinox has a slightly larger displacement. The Equinox comes with standard AWD while the CRV comes with standard FWD. Although the CRV has slightly more horsepower, the Equinox has much higher torque at 172 lb-ft versus 163 in the CRV.

The 2013 Equinox is overall a larger vehicle than the CRV. It has an 18.8 gallon tank versus the CRV's 15.3 gallon. This gallon difference comes in handy with their very similar gas mileage ratings. The CRV does have a higher MPG rating for both city and highway, but this small difference won’t matter much. It also has 112.5 inch wheels compared to the 103.1 inch wheels of the CRV. The Equinox is also nine inches longer than the CRV giving you more room to haul. This size difference makes the Equinox one of Chevy's finest vehicles on the market.

Both vehicles have many of the same extras and options. Chevy’s crossover does have stronger aluminum based wheels as opposed to the alloy wheels of the CRV. Both models have front air conditioning, cruise control, and an AM/FM stereo. However, the Equinox does have OnStar with emergency and security services, automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, a handsfree telephone, audio turn-by-turn navigation, and six months of directions and connections service. The CRV has none of those options.

Interested in the Equinox?

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